Surgery is rarely needed for hip bursitis. If the bursa remains inflamed and painful after all nonsurgical treatments have been tried, your doctor may recommend surgical removal of the bursa. Removal of the bursa does not hurt the hip, and the hip can actually function normally without it.

Arthroscopic Removal Of The Bursa

A newer technique that is gaining popularity is arthroscopic removal of the bursa. In this technique, the bursa is removed through a small (1/4-inch) incision over the hip. A tiny camera, or arthroscope, is placed in a second incision so the doctor can guide the surgical instruments and cut out the bursa. This surgery is much less invasive, and recovery is quicker and less painful. Both types of surgeries are done on an outpatient (day surgery) basis, so an overnight stay in the hospital is not usually necessary. Early studies show arthroscopic removal of the bursa to be quite effective, but this is still currently being studied.

Conditions Treated By Bursectomy


Symptoms Treated By Bursectomy

Joint pain and tenderness
Joint swelling
Warmth over the joint