Club Foot Repair

Surgery is indicated if there is failure to achieve satisfactory clinical and radiographic evidence of deformity correction by nonsurgical methods, for residual deformities, and for recurrent deformities unresponsive to nonsurgical measures. Controversy surrounds the age at which clubfoot surgery should be performed. Most surgeons operate on the child between six months and one year of age. Though there is some variation in surgical technique, all of the major reconstructive clubfoot surgeries involve extensive soft-tissue release of the posterior, medial, and lateral structures of the foot. The correction, once achieved, is usually held temporarily (six weeks) with wire fixation across the joints of the foot. More surgery is required to remove the wire.

The need for additional surgery after the first operation is reported to range from five percent to 50 percent.

Conditions Treated By Club Foot Repair

Club Foot

Symptoms Treated By Club Foot Repair

Feet twisted inward
Deep crease on the bottom of the midfoot