Disc Fusion

Spinal Disc fusion is a surgical technique used to combine two or more vertebrae. Supplementary bone tissue (either autograft or allograft) is used in conjunction with the body’s natural osteoblastic processes. This procedure is used primarily to eliminate the pain caused by abnormal motion of the vertebrae by immobilizing the vertebrae themselves.

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Parts Of The Spine Where Disc Fusion Is Performed

Disc fusion is done most commonly in the lumbar region of the spine, but it is also used to treat cervical and thoracic problems. People rarely have problems with the thoracic spine because there is little normal motion in the thoracic spine. Patients requiring spinal fusion have either neurological deficits or severe pain which has not responded to conservative treatment.

Conditions Treated By Disc Fusion

Degenerative Disc Disease
Herniated Disc

Symptoms Treated By Disc Fusion

Back pain
Back pain when sitting, bending or twisting
Chronic back pain
Chronic neck pain
Curving of the spine
Muscle weakness
Pain in the thigh
Pain from lower back to the knee
Tingling in the legs
Uneven musculature on one side of the spine
Uneven hips
Uneven shoulders

Service Providers

Vivek P. Kushwaha, M.D.

More Info Coming Soon.