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Figuring Out Your True Back Pain Diagnosis

The human body is an incredible machine, but when something goes wrong, and we develop low back pain, we certainly don’t feel very amazing. 

Surprisingly, most people don’t get their back pain diagnosed until it hinders their ability to do normal, everyday tasks. 

The sad truth is most people put off seeing a doctor about their back until the problem spills over causing issues in other areas of the body. Don’t let that be you. Keep reading to find out the truth about your back pain.

Acute Versus Chronic Pain: What’s What?

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The main difference between acute pain and chronic back pain is whether or not there was some traumatic injury preceding the pain. Many times, this can happen when your core muscles are weak, and you overdo it with chores, errands, lifting, and walking. In these instances, the pain you feel is your body’s defense mechanism for telling you to calm down. Of course, if the traumatic injury is more than just overdoing it then you definitely should seek the help of a medical professional. Your back plays such an important role in every movement and every task that it is vital not to ignore the pain.

When you’re dealing with chronic pain, there can be physical reasons causing the pain or it could be more of a degenerative issue that cannot be corrected. Even if you’ve been able to handle the pain, you’re not doing yourself any favors by not seeing a doctor for a diagnosis. There have been significant advances in the medical field that can detect the causes of low back pain; this makes determining the best treatment options much easier to define and understand. Spine surgeon

The Risk of Not Going to the Doctor

Back injuries and putting undue stress on our spine isn’t just the focus of many safety meetings, nor is it just something our parents used to nag us about when always reminding us to “sit up straight.” Our back holds and protects our spinal cord, the nerves that send pain signals from different areas of our body to our brain also send the all the pleasant sensations too. When you don’t listen to the pain signals you run the risk of making any damage worse than it needs to be, a pinched nerve doesn’t just affect your back; it changes the way you walk, stand, and sit. Think of your back like the trunk of a tree: if the wind always blows hard from the same direction, soon the tree trunk and branches will start to grow the way the wind blows. If you avoid going to the doctor for your low back pain, and you change the way you move in an attempt to ease the pain, your body will react like the tree out of habit.

Diagnosis & Treatment

If you’re suffering from low back pain in the Houston area and are ready to seek treatment for improving your quality of life, we invite you to contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced doctors here at ClickMD Patients. Our primary goal is to provide our patients with an understanding of what options they have to treat their back pain diagnosis, from therapy and spinal procedures to pain management for conditions that do not have a cure available. You don’t have to let your low back pain bench you from living a full life, and we’re here to help get you “back” in the game. For more information about how you can get relief for life from your low back pain, contact us at (713) 461-8555 or email

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