Could Your Mattress Be the Cause of Your Back Pain?

What’s the main cause of a good night’s sleep?

Many might say that a good night’s sleep happens when one goes to bed peacefully, not worried about the coming days. Others might say the temperature in the room helps.

But too often, even if all those factors are in place, people still wake up sore and tired. Back pain even after a full night’s sleep plagues lots of people who find themselves unable to feel rested.

When trying to address back pain, the root of the problem often isn’t a back condition, poor health, or injury. The mattress a person sleeps on can be the cause of back pain, and the right mattress can remove that pain instantaneously.

There are many factors involved in a mattress purchase that contribute to a comfortable night’s sleep. Here’s why mattresses could be culprit of that lingering back pain.

What the Back Needs in a Mattress

When in a sleeping position, a person’s back needs several variables to be in place for maximum comfort and overall health.

According to experts, the mattress should align your entire body when you are in a sleeping position. This includes the curvature of the spine and support for the head, neck, buttocks, and shoulders. Even proper arrangement of the feet and heels can impact how a person feels when they wake up.

In addition, the person’s particular needs and preferences must be taken into account. If they know they’ve always slept best on soft mattresses, for example, a mattress that is too firm could be causing back pain, and vice versa. Bodies and their needs vary, but there are certain specific guidelines that must be considered.

How a Mattress Can Cause Pain

Soreness and back pain result when any of the body parts impacted by sleep are out of alignment. This can happen when a mattress is either too firm or too soft. Firmness presses back against the body, and softness allows it too settle uncomfortably. When pressure points are not properly supported on either end of the spectrum, pain occurs.

In addition, back pain comes when the mattress a person uses causes muscle strain. It may not feel like the muscles are being used for support of the body, but it becomes evident when soreness is present in the morning. Sometimes, the body will compensate for discomfort by subtly trying to hold itself in a better position. If this happens, muscles can be active, to some degree, all night, leaving the person exhausted and sore by the time they wake up. When this centers in the person’s back, even simply sitting through the day can be difficult.

Test Your Sleeping Habits

If a person experiences chronic back pain, there are several steps that can be taken to test whether the mattress may be the cause of the problem.

First of all, ensure that the pillows used are offering good support for the head and neck. Replace old pillows and purchase one designed for a particular level of support. Additionally, mattress accessories, like memory foam toppers, can be added to the existing mattress for additional comfort. To see the actual position a person is sleeping in, they can have a family member snap a photo. Often, this will reveal where the body needs support.

If a mattress is causing back pain, take the necessary steps to prevent it. Add support to the bed itself, change sleep positions, and make sure the correct pressure points are aligned correctly. Then, enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested and comfortable!

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